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Our mission is simple. We strive to cultivate collections that stand out with bright and bold colors and patterns on unique silhouettes that flawlessly fit and flatter every body type. Day time sequins? Why not. Unexpected pattern mixing? You betcha. In these times of uncertainty, be certain in your quest for fashion freedom. Wear WHAT you want WHEN you want to... Throw out the rulebook and rewrite your own with us.

We are not dressing to impress men. We are not dressing to make women jealous of our style. We are not dressing for any purpose besides to express individuality, and inspire.

Wearing NeuByrne, the only attention we're trying to capture is that of the little girl on the street, the little girl each of us used to be, who looks up and says "I want to be just like her one day" - bold, beautiful, and confident. Inspiring the fashionistas of tomorrow, today.

It’s important for fashion to inspire and make people smile. It’s not throwing on any old clothes. Fashion should brighten people’s day because it’s that bright, fun, and unique. NeuByrne is more than just clothes. It’s a whole mood, feeling, vibe. Once you put it on it can transform your attitude.

NeuByrne is designed in Richmond, Virginia and produced in New York City.

our story

Where it started

NeuByrne debuted it's first collection fearlessly in 2018 at New York Fashion week. Sequin, gingham, llamas, big ass bows and all.

The collections

Each season, NeuByrne debuts a new custom pattern (or two), created by our designer and founder, Martha Gottwald.

These patterns are hand created from 3D materials, and turned into stunning patterns only found at NeuByrne.

The inspiration behind each season is unique, and will never be repeated.

Spring/summer '22

Our most recent, and best collection yet, took social media by storm. SS'22 put NeuByrne on the map, expanding our presence in stores nationwide ten-fold.

meet the designer
Martha Gottwald

Martha grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She majored in English and minored in French at the University of the South: Sewanee. During her junior year, she studied at the Sorbonne where French classes became more of a runway showcase for her than a learning center. It was always all about the fashion. After Paris, it was clear fashion would be her future.

However, her dreams of starting a fashion line crashed one week before her college graduation. The night of May 5, 2013 she was a front-seat passenger in a near-fatal car accident. Martha sustained a severed ear, broken ribs and back, and a traumatic brain injury. After a year of rehabilitation, battling short-term memory loss and impairment of executive functions, Martha made a miraculous recovery.

Martha took this second chance to do what she loves, to communicate through a platform where she could inspire, connect, and create. Fashion became her outlet to inspire others, to endure, and overcome. 

A Note from the designer

I want to take a moment to, firstly, THANK YOU for your interest in NeuByrne. This passion-project of mine has grown into a business I could only dream of calling my own. If there's one thing you take away from NeuByrne as a whole, I can only hope it is inspiration to follow your dreams no matter how big they are. One thing I've learned in life is that when you break the mold, you will have an ENDLESS number of people doubting you, people close to you and people that don't know you at all. My advice, be relentless. Those closest to you will get onboard as soon as they realize you are simply never stopping.

NeuByrne is my alter-ego. I'm a mom, I have two kids, I run around with a bun on my head in a bathrobe every day (like all other moms). When I'm designing, I get to be NeuByrne. Whoever I want to be... It. Is. Awesome. That being said, I'm not just some cooky lady wearing crazy clothes. I'm a mom, a wife, a daugher, a PTA parent - I wear this, and so can you. Maybe not everyday, but weekend getaways, any kind of event or outing rocking NeuByrne all day is SO MUCH FUN.

To all who have looked at NeuByrne and thought "that's sick, but I'd never be able to wear it," you are my motivation, and that is a huge compliment!

To all who have worn NeuByrne, you are my hero. Your confidence makes the world a beautiful place. We are redefining fashion one outfit at a time, together.

Never stop.

xo, Martha

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